Best Instagram Reels Editing Apps That Will Make You Go Viral

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Best Instagram Reels Editing Apps: Were you aware that a single Instagram reel has accumulated a staggering 289 million views? This astounding feat can be attributed to the fact that an overwhelming majority of Instagram users, a whopping 91%, engage with Instagram videos on a weekly basis.

The virality of content is boosted through Instagram reels.

The Instagram app offers a unique capability that allows individuals to share and view brief video clips. These clips have the potential to create captivating and widely shared content, serving as a powerful tool for both personal branding and business purposes. Instagram Reels go

It is quite fascinating how both individuals and businesses have developed a strong inclination towards employing Instagram reels as a means to captivate audiences, expand their viewership, cultivate a broader fan base, elevate interaction, and ultimately augment the visibility of their enterprises.

Begin your journey into the world of viral content creation with our handpicked selection of Best Instagram Reels editing apps. This blog aims to guide you through the process, presenting you with the ultimate tools to skyrocket your online presence. So, without further ado, let us embark on this transformative adventure.

Best Video Editing Apps to Make your

1. Simplified [Best & Free Instagram Reel Editing App for iPhone]

Simplified trumps all other Instagram reel editors, showcasing cutting-edge features for seamless editing. Its vast array of filters and extraordinary effects establish it as a top-notch tool to enhance your Instagram reels, exclusive to your iPhone.

Simplified offers an array of impressive features at your disposal. Enjoy a wide selection of complimentary templates, access a premium video library, and indulge in premium stock music. Create captivating content with a color palette generator, explore unlimited brand kits, and bring your creations to life with a gif maker. Remove backgrounds effortlessly, resize your designs magically, and unleash the power of an AI image generator. Discover all this and more with Simplified. Best Instagram Reels Editing Apps

By merging these elements, you will have no alternative but to fashion reels that swiftly garner viral status. What’s truly thrilling is that, as of this moment, you can access the Simplified video editing application and begin crafting incredible Instagram reels without any cost by promptly downloading the App!


  1. No-code design editor
  2. Vast stock library of videos, images, animations & sound
  3. Magic Resizer
  4. Gif Maker
  5. Animations
  6. Stunning templates
  7. AI writer
  8. AI Art Generator
  9. Multiple brand kits
  10. Unlimited workspaces
  11. In-app publishing
  12. Free Forever plan for users on a budget

2. We Video

Wevideo stands out as an extraordinary editing application that simplifies the editing of Instagram reels. It can be accessed on any online device, allowing for convenient usage. Furthermore, it not only enables the creation and storage of Instagram reels on cloud platforms but also supports editing them at any time and location through device synchronization. Utilizing this potent Instagram reel editor, crafting captivating reels for your profile becomes effortless, thereby enhancing its overall appeal.

The video editing software is available at no cost and supports various platforms including Windows, iOS, macOS, and Android.

Basic features

  • Cloud storage
  • Green screen effect
  • Stock images, videos, and music
  • Motion titles
  • Supports 4K resolution

3. InShot

The prime performance of Instagram’s reel features is witnessed when vertically-oriented videos are used. However, if you possess horizontal videos and wish to upload them, InShot presents a remarkable solution by aiding in the editing and resizing processes. Additionally, InShot offers the option to incorporate transitions, titles, filters, and even generate captivating captions that contribute to enhancing the attractiveness and engagement of your reels.

Basic features

  • Join different clips
  • Speed up clips
  • Apply filters
  • Background music

4. Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush is a useful tool for editing Instagram reel videos and crafting captivating content. This app allows you to produce unique reels that capture attention with a diverse range of stunning components.

Revamp your videos effortlessly with the auto-reframe feature or add a touch of finesse using professional pan and zoom effects. Unleash your creativity by crafting enchanting Instagram reels with a plethora of color presets and delightful designs. This versatile video editing tool seamlessly integrates with various operating systems including Windows, iOS, Android, and macOS.

Basic features

  • Motion pictures
  • Editable titles
  • Distinct inner templates
  • Ducking audio and voiceovers
  • Color rectification
  • Animated titles and video transitions

5. Canva’s Video Editor

Canva has recently unveiled its latest feature: a video editor. Although numerous professionals and creators are well-acquainted with Canva’s photo editing tools and graphic creation capabilities, only a select few are aware of its potential to produce eye-catching Instagram Reels that captivate your desired audience.

Basic features

  • Endless possibilities to customize a wide range of themes according to your unique concepts.
  • You can enhance your videos with an array of complimentary images and visual elements.
  • Automatic video publishing is made possible with our innovative social media scheduling tool.
  • Features that enhance communication and collaboration within teams.

6. Instagram App

Creating Instagram reels is made easy with the Instagram app, eliminating the hassle of downloading or installing video editing software. Despite their simplicity, the app offers a significant range of tools that deliver impactful and efficient editing capabilities for your Instagram reels.

Creating and sharing reels on Instagram is a breeze thanks to the reel editor. With the Align feature, you can effortlessly piece together multiple clips into one captivating reel. This convenient tool guarantees the creation of exceptional content. Moreover, it’s completely free to use and works seamlessly on both iOS and Android devices.

Basic features

  • Eye-catching video templates
  • In-built recorder plus editor
  • Multiple video themes
  • Animated titles
  • Green screen effect
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