Civil Services Prelims Examination 2023: (8 Tips To Succeed In CSE 2023)

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Civil Services Prelims Examination 2023: The process of successfully passing the Civil Services Preliminary Examination is more than just mere recitation and acquisition of knowledge. Instead, it puts to the test key traits such as patience, determination, and a positive outlook in the face of adversity during the actual examination. Possessing the ability to maintain composure and calmness under immense pressure is a crucial character trait required for individuals aspiring to be civil servants. The UPSC, through the prelims, seeks to assess and identify candidates who embody such vital traits.

It has been noted that a familiar trend amongst UPSC aspirants is that of repeating their success in prelims year after year. The question that arises is how these scholars manage to crack the challenging prelims exam despite the intense stress and competition. Is there a set of proven techniques and tactics which can be adopted by a fresh UPSC aspirant to triumph in this task? Let us delve deeper into the matter to discover the answers. Civil Services Prelims Examination 2023

Civil Services Prelims Examination 2023
Civil Services Prelims Examination 2023

1. Time Management

One of the crucial factors, which cannot be stressed enough, is the wise utilization of time while appearing for an examination in the exam hall. It is imperative for every candidate to understand and acknowledge that time management can make a significant difference in their overall performance. Therefore, one must devise an effective strategy to keep track of time, prioritize questions, and allocate sufficient time accordingly to ensure optimum utilization of time during the examination.

In order to successfully answer a question, it is important to engage your mind in a race against time. Your objective should be to search for a common link between the stated statements and the knowledge that you possess from basic reference books. To enhance your chances of accomplishing this task, it is recommended to practice as many questions as possible. Consistent practice not only strengthens your critical thinking skills but also helps you develop a systematic approach towards problem-solving. Civil Services Prelims Examination 2023

2. Elimination Technique

In case you come across any alternative response that either repeats an already stated fact or contains an erroneous statement, it is highly recommended that you discard that option from your choice. By taking this approach, you are likely to enhance your chances of selecting the right answer.

Suppose that a situation arises where the examinee has the ability to rule out two of the available choices in a multiple-choice question. Under such circumstances, it is strongly recommended that the individual take a stab at answering the question rather than leaving it unanswered. Our advice would be to select either of the remaining options as there is a high likelihood of correctly answering the question. To be more precise, the odds of picking the right answer are estimated to be nearly 50%.

3. Extreme Statements

  • It has been popularly observed that students often employ a particular tactic in their approach towards multiple-choice questions. This tactic involves the identification of extreme and exaggerated statements present within the given options, which can be used to eliminate clearly false answers and arrive at a more plausible conclusion.
  • As a case in point, the statement that “Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana did not cater to the financial requirements of rural India” stands in direct opposition to the fundamental objective of the Jan Dhan scheme, which was to promote financial inclusivity. Therefore, the assertion is not only erroneous but also merits invalidation.
  • It can be inferred from this statement that, irrespective of one’s lack of knowledge about a particular query, there exists a chance for them to stumble upon the accurate response. This can potentially be accomplished by discounting or abolishing utterly exaggerated assertions.
  • In order to score well in prelims, it is advisable to adopt a particular strategy. The importance of this strategy lies in the fact that it can lead to obtaining additional marks. The strategy can be described as follows: instead of simply reading a question and skipping it, it is recommended that a student read through each option before making a decision. By doing so, a student can make a more informed choice and increase their chances of success. Civil Services Prelims Examination 2023

4. Note the Question Terminologies

It is imperative that one exercises prudence when perusing through the question paper. It is important to take note of the question terminologies, such as ‘Not’, ‘Incorrect’, ‘Only’ among others. These terms require careful attention as they often hold critical importance in discerning the correct response. Therefore, one must be vigilant while navigating through the question paper.

During prelims, it is crucial to avoid making careless mistakes in order to achieve success. A situation that occurs frequently is when candidates come across a question where they must determine which of the provided statements are inaccurate. Unfortunately, many of them select the correct statement due to their failure to recognize the question’s terminology. To avoid such blunders, it is necessary to be attentive and meticulous in exam preparation. Civil Services Prelims Examination 2023

5. Exam Hall Ego

  • During an examination, it is fairly common for test-takers to succumb to their egos rather than focusing on the task at hand. This kind of situation often results in wasted time and missed opportunities for scoring points. It is important for exam-takers to remain grounded and focused on the questions at hand rather than allowing their egos to get in the way. This will help them make the most of their time and score the highest possible marks.
  • Imagine a situation where an aspirant, let’s call him Student A, has invested a substantial amount of time in reading polity, hoping to gain knowledge and proficient in the subject matter. However, when faced with a basic Polity question in the Prelims examination, Student A is unable to answer it correctly. This potentially detrimental situation not only shatters Student A’s confidence but also triggers a sense of guilt within him.
  • He indulges in the futile task of solving the intricate polity question, driven solely by his bloated ego, oblivious to the fact that the time he spends on it could have been more productively utilized answering other unanswered questions. It is not uncommon for novices to fall prey to this kind of misguided thinking, and therefore, this aspect should be taken into account.
  • The main aim of a candidate during the preliminary exam is not to ace the test, but to pass it with flying colors. This implies that one must secure marks, irrespective of the subject being attempted. It is crucial to focus on performing well in all sections rather than trying to outdo others in a particular subject.

6. Marking of OMR Sheets in the Last Minute

It is fairly common to come across students frantically marking their OMR sheets in the final minutes of an exam, which can lead to countless errors in the process.

A wave of discontentment swept across the student community post the prelims examination as quite a few of them were overheard grumbling about their invigilator’s lackadaisical attitude in alloting sufficient time to fill up the OMR sheet. It is prudent to steer clear of this illogical and preposterous stance.

7. CSAT Paper

  • When working out the qualifying paper of prelims, more specifically the CSAT paper, individuals should make a conscious effort to accentuate and utilize their abilities and talents to their advantage.
  • It has come to light that a considerable number of students experience anxiety and apprehension when it comes to the aptitude and reasoning portion of the Civil Services Aptitude Test. Taking a moment to brush up on fundamental concepts from Class 10 could prove to be immensely advantageous in obtaining satisfactory scores in the aptitude segment.
  • One possible rewrite could be: In order to attain the required minimum cut off, students have multiple options at their disposal. They can lean on passages and comprehensions to bolster their understanding, while also taking advantage of the opportunity to solve previous CSAT papers. Spending time with these materials can help build up the confidence needed to succeed, allowing students to approach the exam with a stronger foundation and a clearer sense of readiness. By making the most of available resources and putting in the hard work required, students can position themselves for success and achieve their goals in the academic arena.

8. Strategize, Prepare, Revise and Practice

During the initial phase of prelims preparation, the key to success lies in adopting a systematic approach that involves narrowing down the reading material. This can be achieved by carefully selecting the most pertinent reference books, and then dedicating ample time to revising them comprehensively. Another crucial factor that can help candidates ace the exams is to take detailed notes on each subject, based on their own understanding and interpretation of the material. By adhering to these fundamental strategies, candidates can enhance their overall retention and comprehension of the material, thereby increasing their chances of success.

Any diligent student would agree that keeping concise notes yields great benefits in the long run. These meticulously crafted resources can serve as valuable companions during critical moments, such as rapid revision or even the preparation for major examinations. In essence, taking diligent notes is an investment in one’s own future academic success.

The period of the final three months leading up to the UPSC prelims is unquestionably critical and demands an extensive strategy for success. This strategy is primarily centered on your ability to solve past ten years’ UPSC prelims questions, and analyzing patterns in order to develop an effective course of study. This knowledge will enable you to devise a personalized strategy that addresses your specific weaknesses and enhances your strengths, ultimately contributing to your overall success in the examination.

After designing a study schedule, it is imperative to adhere to it unwaveringly, as it serves as an indication of your unwavering determination and a manifestation of your determination. When you refuse to deviate from the established routine, you demonstrate your dedication to achieving academic success, and this approach will inevitably lead to impressive outcomes.

To have a comprehensive preparation for prelims, it is indispensable to tackle a variety of multiple choice question papers from well-known coaching institutes. These assessments are pivotal in fostering self-evaluation and establishing understanding and trust in the subject matter amongst prospective candidates gradually.

As students begin to prepare for their UPSC prelims, it is important that they keep in mind the vast amount of resources available to them. With an abundance of books and study materials on the market, it can be tempting to go searching for the one “perfect” resource that will guarantee success. However, this can be a costly mistake as time is of the essence. During the last stages of preparation, students should avoid chasing after a particular book or study material that promises success in the UPSC prelims. Instead, they should focus on utilizing the resources they have at their disposal and maximizing their study time. It’s essential to understand that success isn’t guaranteed by any single resource or coaching institute, especially in the final moments before the exam. In order to make the most of their precious study time, students must prioritize their learning and focus on the areas where they need the most improvement. With a strategic approach to studying and a realistic understanding of their limitations, students can increase their chances of success in the UPSC prelims.

It goes without saying that faith and confidence within one’s capabilities serve as irreplaceable pillars during the phase of preparation. It’s essential to abide by the well-known saying, “Believing in oneself serves as the first cornerstone to pave the path towards attaining success.” A lack of self-affirmation can impede an individual’s chances of reaching their goals. Therefore, one must learn to trust themselves more, and with time, they will accomplish anything they set their minds on. Civil Services Prelims Examination 2023

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