[ Evernote App ] How Does The App Work and What Devices Does it Support?

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Evernote App: Smartphones have become a common device for businesses as well as for ordinary consumers, whether just typing text, writing with a stylus, or scrubbing with your finger, there are tons of different apps on the Android playstore. Note making app.

And choosing among them is also confusing. But, I will tell you about an app that can store all your words, images, reminders, audio etc. on Evernote.

Yes, have you heard the name of this Evernote app or not, or are you listening for the first time, do tell me in the comments.

If you’re familiar with other popular cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox or Apple’s iCloud, you might think of Evernote as a similar service.

However, Evernote focuses more on the creation of notebooks and notes. Because, this app offers a variety of features, which you will not get from other competing services. That’s why you need to know about this app

What is Evernote?

This is an application that supports you to fill your mind. If you want to keep your words or any secret text log time or want to make your mind free space then this app is for you only.

Through this app, you can create Documentary, Web page or Image and Audio notes along with text and can easily share them on social network.

This app was released by American computer entrepreneur Stepan Pachikov in the year 2000. It then began marketing software for handwriting recognition such as Windows desktop PCs, tablet PCs and handwriting devices. Available in all brand devices today.

If you have a question in your mind that how it works then it is a simple matter, in this user can upload text notes as well as document, webpage or image and audio etc. with notes and can also share easily. When you have saved all these things by uploading or writing text on Evernote.

And you can also edit and create contents by opening them in your other Smartphone or Web. Simply, you must have an e-mail, through email you can access it anywhere and on any device. This app gets server link with its email so that there is no fear of losing its contents.

For example, suppose that you had kept many contents and secret notes in this app and there is no need to fear if your mobile is lost. Simply, you can use the email login in another device and change the password and continue using it again.

Even if you have formatted Smartphone, there is no need to be afraid, you can bring back all the contents by login. Now you must have easily understood how it works and how this app keeps its contents safe.

Why use Evernote?  [ Evernote App ]

These days we do a lot of our work on the computer. We carry our smartphones everywhere and we are used to checking our emails. We live in a world dominated by information, so isn’t it about time we all start using one-to-one tools to help us create and organize that information?

  • This app can make your life lighter, you can read the following regions, what the user can do with this app,
  • Share notes and entire notebooks with classmates, colleagues, family, and more.
  • Files (spreadsheets, pictures, docs) can be attached to any note.
  • You can also make a list of household items that you use and buy daily.
  • You are busy in your daily life and you forget to do household or other work, then you can set a reminder with time and date so that no work is forgotten, if you forget to take medicine, make a note with your medicine in the reminder note. From which Evernote will alert the notification.
  • You are a tourism enthusiast and you can capture an image of a famous place and add text to the image.
  • You can create a note for your goal, and use that note to create action items, next steps, and progress reports.
  • Through this app, you can attach any file and make handwriting fun with it. You can practically solve any simple drawing by handwriting to others.

Evernote is useful for managing a variety of personal and professional aspects of your life online. If, you use one computer at work and one computer at home, accessing files from all devices through Evernote is easier than emailing yourself or saving it on a USB every time you update it. It is very easy.

Because, Everything on Evernote automatically syncs everything between your devices, whenever you upload something new or make any changes to your notes or files.

Many more regions are hidden. Simply, you will start using it only then all the questions will be answered and the simple activities mentioned above which people like the most are the ones where people use the Evernote app.

Which Devices Does Evernote Support? [ Evernote App ]

Because Evernote aims to keep all your stuff synced in the cloud and accessible no matter where you’re accessing it from. You can download the Evernote app for free to use on iOS or Android.

You also have the opportunity to expand and enhance your Evernote experience by integrating with more apps from your App Center that serves everything from business and productivity to lifestyle and travel. Not only this, you can access your laptop or PC by login in the browser.

Is Evernote Free?

Yes, of course, for all new users, a limit plan is available for free along with the basic plan. If you are not very advanced, then you can go with the free version and no need to make any payment in it.

If you need to advance then there are premium options which come with bigger upload capacity, better options for sharing, access to your note history, an option to search for PDF, ad-free experience and many more benefits Is. There’s also a full Professional edition of Evernote for professionals who want to take collaboration to the next level with the help of great web technology.

And want to know Evernote plans in full detail then click here, Evernote compare plans

Now I feel satisfied knowing about Evernote. If you have any question related to this, then definitely tell us through the comment, we will try our best to answer you.

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