Happy Independence Day 2023: Wishes, Messages, Facebook And Whatsapp Status

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Happy Independence Day 2023 : August 15 marks a significant date for ‘AzIndia as it commemorates its 77th Independence Day. The entire nation will come together in a grand display of patriotism to celebrate this momentous occasion. The festivities will be filled with magnificence and held in every corner of the country to honor this day of great national significance.

Various institutions, including educational establishments, housing societies, and both private and public offices, will proudly raise the National flag as they unite in singing the melodious notes of the National Anthem.

On Tuesday, the iconic Red Fort in Delhi will bear witness to Prime Minister Narendra Modi as he guides the Nation in jubilantly commemorating the 77th Independence Day.

From the ancient monument’s towering ramparts, he will solemnly reveal the National Flag, his voice resonating with tradition as he imparts his customary address to the entire nation.

On March 12, 2021, Prime Minister Modi inaugurated the ‘Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav’ festivities at the Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. This year’s Independence Day will act as the grand finale for these celebrations.

Discover more about the festivities surrounding the ‘Amrit Mahotsav‘ of Independence Day 2023 as we approach this special occasion. Additionally, explore a collection of wishes, messages, and Facebook and WhatsApp statuses that you can exchange with your loved ones to commemorate this day together.

Happy Independence Day: Wishes

  • May your 77th Independence Day be filled with immense joy and an overwhelming sense of pride! Let us commemorate the hard-earned freedom that our valiant heroes courageously battled for.
  • On this momentous day, let your heart be graced by the infusion of patriotism and solidarity. Celebrate the 77th Independence Day with joy!
  • On this joyous Independence Day in the year 2023, let us reflect upon the arduous sacrifices that have brought us to this very moment while we proudly raise the flag to soar above us.
  • Celebrations are in order as our nation commemorates its 77th Independence Day! As we embrace this momentous occasion, our unwavering commitment towards advancing, fostering harmony, and securing abundance for our beloved country remains stronger than ever.
  • Let us be motivated by this day of Independence to actively participate in the progress and advancement of our beloved nation. Warm felicitations on the 77th commemoration of Independence Day!
  • Happy and momentous Independence Day to all! Let us celebrate this historic occasion with utmost joy and pride. Jai Hind!
  • Sending my heartfelt wishes to all my fellow Indian brothers and sisters on this momentous occasion of Independence Day. Let us come together and celebrate the spirit of freedom, prosperity, and unity. May the resounding echoes of Jai Hind forever remind us of our courageous past and inspire us to build an even brighter future. Happy Independence Day 2023
  • On this day, we gather to honor our rich legacy and remember the courageous warriors who selflessly fought for our liberty, as well as the unwavering courage exhibited by those who defend our nation wearing uniforms. Celebrate this Independence Day with joy and pride!
  • On this auspicious day, I extend my warmest felicitations to everyone on the momentous celebration of the 77th Independence Day! Let us join together in spirited unity and proudly exclaim, Jai Hind!
  • Sending my warmest wishes for a joyous Independence Day! May our nation’s flag forever soar with unwavering pride, reaching the skies above. Let the unfolding years illuminate our beloved country with boundless achievements and everlasting grandeur.

Independence Day 2023: Happy Independence Day Messages

  • As the 77th anniversary of Independence Day dawns upon us, let us reflect upon the immense sacrifices made by our valiant freedom fighters, and uphold their remarkable legacy as we strive together towards a more promising and radiant tomorrow.
  • We must never underestimate the value of freedom, for it is a rare and priceless treasure. Let us cherish it deeply, as we pave the path towards a brighter future for the forthcoming generations. Wishing you a joyous Independence Day!
  • 77 years of freedom and autonomy! May our nation’s path be forever illuminated by the guiding principles of fairness, unity, and freedom.

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  • Come together, fellow citizens, to honor the splendid assortment of cultures that sets our nation apart. Wishing you a joyful 77th Independence Day!
  • As our nation celebrates its 77th year of independence, it is fitting to pause and extend our heartfelt appreciation towards the countless individuals who wholeheartedly dedicate themselves to serving our country. On this auspicious occasion, let us express our gratitude and honor their selflessness.
  • 77 years have been filled with enthusiasm, advancements, and harmony. We rejoice in this day of liberation!
  • Today, let us honor those who spilled their life force in pursuit of our liberty, for they are the unequivocal recipients of reverence! Wishing you a cheerful Independence Day!
  • Wishing you a day abundant in patriotic fervor during this celebration of your Independence Day!
  • One should embrace the spirit of patriotism and act as a model citizen in order to truly honor India’s freedom and independence. Wishing you a joyous Independence Day!
  • May you embrace this joyful Independence Day with the spirit of being the catalyst for positive change in our nation.

Independence Day 2023: Facebook and WhatsApp Status

  • 77 years have passed since we embraced liberation and togetherness! Wishing you a joyous celebration on this glorious day of independence!
  • Celebrate our nation’s freedom with a vibrant palette, splashing the town in hues of patriotism. Wishing a joyous 77th Independence Day to all my compatriots!
  • Genuine freedom, in its purest essence, cannot be simply given as a gift, rather it must be conquered through personal endeavor. Let us celebrate this joyous occasion of the 77th anniversary of our nation’s Independence Day!
  • Celebrating 77 years of freedom, I am filled with immense pride as a citizen of India. May this Independence Day bring boundless joy to every soul. Happy Independence Day 2023
  • Inhale the sweet essence of liberty, for it is the life force that nourishes the depths of our spirit. Embrace its presence with gratitude, as we join hands in forging a more resilient homeland. May this 77th celebration of Independence Day be filled with felicity and purpose!
  • As we celebrate the anniversary of our nation’s liberty, let us pledge: to forge ahead with unwavering determination, eradicating remnants of subjugation, treasuring our historical legacy, nurturing solidarity, and dutifully fulfilling our civic responsibilities.

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  • Obtaining this freedom was an arduous journey. As we commemorate Independence Day, it is crucial to reflect upon the courageous individuals who sacrificially battled for its attainment.
  • India’s strength is found in the harmonious coexistence of various cultures, religions, and languages. This remarkable diversity elevates the nation’s greatness. Wishing everyone a joyful Independence Day celebration.
  • Today, in commemoration of this exceptional occasion, we gather to honor and pay tribute to the courageous defenders who made the ultimate sacrifice in safeguarding our cherished homeland. May joy accompany this celebration of our sovereignty!
  • On this auspicious occasion of Independence Day, let us always hold in our hearts the immense sacrifice made by those who bravely gave their lives in the pursuit of India’s liberation. May this day be a constant reminder to cherish and honor their selflessness.

Independence Day WhatsApp Facebook Shayari In Gujarati

ત્યાં સુધી જેનું લોહી ઉકળે નહીં, તે લોહી નથી, પાણી છે.
જે દેશ માટે ઉપયોગી નથી, તે યુવાધન નકામું છે.
15 ઓગસ્ટ સ્વતંત્રતા દિવસની શુભેચ્છા.

કોઈ નશો છે તિરંગાના અભિમાનનો,
અમુક નશો તો માતૃભૂમિના સન્માનનો છે,
અમે દરેક જગ્યાએ આ ત્રિરંગો ફરકાવીશું,
અમે દરેક જગ્યાએ આ ત્રિરંગો ફરકાવીશું,
આવો નશો ભારતનું ગૌરવ છે.

આઝાદીની સાંજ ક્યારેય નહીં થવા દઈએ,
શહીદોના બલિદાનને બદનામ નહીં થવા દઈએ.
લોહીનું એક ટીપું પણ બાકી છે,
લોહીનું એક ટીપું પણ બાકી છે,
ત્યાં સુધી ભારત માતાની આંચલની હરાજી નહીં થાય

આપણો દેશ પ્રેમનું ઉદાહરણ છે,
નફરતની દીવાલો તોડી નાખે છે
આ મારું નસીબદાર ભાગ્ય છે કે મને આ બગીચામાં જીવન મળ્યું…
અને સાતેય જન્મોમાં તેની સુગંધ કોઈ ભૂલી શકતું નથી.

ચાલો આપણે ફરી જાગીએ
શિસ્તની લાકડી ફરી ફરે છે,
પ્રજાસત્તાક સ્વતંત્રતાનો સોનેરી રંગ છે,
આપણે સૌ શહીદોના લોહીથી આવા શહીદોને નમન કરીએ છીએ…

આવો અને તેમને નમન કરો
જેના જીવનમાં આ તબક્કો આવ્યો છે,
કેટલા નસીબદાર છે એ લોકો
જેમનું લોહી ભારત દેશ માટે કામ કરે છે
સ્વતંત્રતા દિવસની હાર્દિક શુભકામનાઓ.

ત્રિરંગો આપણા જીવનનું ગૌરવ છે,
દેશભક્તિ વફા-એ-ઝમીન છે,
અમે દેશ માટે મરવા તૈયાર છીએ
અમે અખંડ ભારતના સ્વપ્ન પ્રત્યે ઉત્સાહી છીએ…

ધર્મ હિંદુ કે મુસ્લિમ નથી,
ધર્મ માત્ર માનવતાનો છે,
ભૂખથી રડતા બાળકોને આ પૂછો.
સત્ય શું છે અસત્ય શું છે
કોઈ મંદિર કે મસ્જિદમાંથી નહીં,
માસૂમ બાળકોના મોત પર કોઈ પણ માતાને પૂછો,
જો તમારે દેશનો પુત્ર બનવું હોય તો તમારી ફરજ સમજો.
અધિકારની વાત ન કરો, દેશ માટે પોતાનો જીવ આપી દો.

અમારા સંબંધોને આ રીતે કોઈ તોડી શકે નહીં.
આપણું હૃદય એક છે, આપણું જીવન એક છે.
ભારત આપણું છે, આપણે તેનું ગૌરવ છીએ.
તેઓ દેશ માટે પોતાનો જીવ આપી દેશે.
તેથી જ આપણે કહીએ છીએ કે મારો દેશ મહાન છે.

આજે ફરી એ દ્રશ્ય યાદ કરીએ,
શહીદોના હૃદયમાં જે જ્યોત હતી તે યાદ રાખો,
જેમાં સ્વતંત્રતા કિનારે પહોંચી
દેશભક્તોના લોહીની એ ધારાને યાદ રાખો.

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