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mParivahan App Download : NIC brings yet another advantageous application, introducing the mParivahan App. By employing a mobile-based platform, this app offers citizens convenient access to transportation services.

The main aim of the application is to offer citizens immediate access to a wide range of transport-related information, services, and utilities. Its development goal is to enhance convenience for the public while promoting transparency within the transportation system.

The app provides convenient access to a multitude of resources concerning Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) and vehicles. Its purpose lies in helping users effortlessly find the closest RTO or pollution checking center. Additionally, the app offers the opportunity to engage in simulated driving license tests.

mParivahan App

When purchasing a pre-owned automobile, the app can prove to be invaluable. Should this situation arise, the app allows you to cross-check the car’s registration number in order to authenticate its age and registration particulars.

Introducing an official mobile application endorsed by the Indian Government, which grants users valuable access to comprehensive details regarding any registered vehicle in the country. This powerful tool unveils essential information such as the owner’s name, registration date, registering authority, vehicle’s make and model, fuel age, vehicle class, insurance and health validity, among others. Prepare to be amazed as this app presents every intricate detail with complete thoroughness.

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Name of App mParivahan App  
Department/Ministry National Informatics Centre (NIC) eGov, Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Govt. of India
Objective To bring convenience to citizen and transparency in the system.
Target Beneficiary Indian citizens
Download App (App) Click Here.
Official Website Click Here

Important Benefits of mParivahan App

This app offers several key benefits which include:

  1. Simply input the registration number to instantly access information on parked, involved-in-accidents, or stolen vehicles.
  2. Confirm the accuracy of your vehicle’s registration information.
  3. Confirm the specificities of the previously owned automobile.
  4. Looking to make a purchase of a pre-owned vehicle? Ensure yourself by authenticating its age and registration particulars.

In addition to the aforementioned functionalities, this application also allows users to authenticate driver’s license information, as well as generate virtual driver’s licenses and registration certificates.

 Highlights of mParivahan App

Soon, citizens will be able to easily access a range of services offered by the Transport Office. This includes a convenient Virtual RC/DL platform, where encrypted QR codes can verify important personal information. Additionally, individuals can utilize an information service to facilitate DL/RC searches, and receive transport notifications. Furthermore, locations of RTO/Traffic offices will be readily available for citizens. Stay tuned for upcoming services that will enhance the overall experience with the Transport Office.

App Name mParivahan App
Category Application
Portal upscsewa.in

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