Rajasthan New District List 2023: 19 New Districts and 3 Divisions in Rajasthan, See Full Details

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 Rajasthan New District List 2023: Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot made a significant announcement in Rajasthan today, revealing that new districts had been established. As a state that had initially 33 districts and 7 divisions, it is now with great pride we can announce that these numbers have been increased to 50 and 10 divisions, respectively. An entire new list of 19 districts added to the state can be seen below, containing information that will aid in understanding the growth and development of Rajasthan.

New District in Rajasthan List 2023

In a remarkable development, the Chief Minister of the state, Ashok Gehlot, has announced the formation of 19 new districts on this day, March 17, 2023. Moreover, to facilitate better administration and governance, new divisions have also been constituted.

Rajasthan New District List 2023
Rajasthan New District List 2023

In a move to ensure that citizens remain informed and up-to-date, the names of the newly formed districts and divisions have been released, which can be duly recorded and preserved for future reference.

  1. Anupgarh, – अनूपगढ़,
  2. Balotra – बालोतरा
  3. Beawar Beawar – ब्यावर ब्यावर
  4. Dig – डीग
  5. Kuchaman City – कुचामन सिटी
  6. Didwana – डीडवाना
  7. Dudu – दूदू
  8. Gangapur City – गंगापुर सिटी
  9. Jaipur North – जयपुर उत्तर
  10. Jaipur South – जयपुर दक्षिण
  11. Jodhpur West – जोधपुर पश्चिम
  12. Kekadi – केकड़ी
  13. kotputli – कोटपुतली
  14. Khairthal – खैरथल
  15. Phalodi – फलोदी
  16. Neemkathana – नीमकाथाना
  17. salumber – सलूंबर
  18. Shahpura – शाहपुरा
  19. Sanchore – सांचौर

New Sambhag in Rajasthan List 2023

In the state of Rajasthan, there is a plan to establish three additional administrative sections. These newly proposed units have been assigned unique titles as listed hereunder.

  1. Pali – पाली
  2. Banswara – बांसवाड़ा
  3. Sikar – सीकर

While details on which districts will fall under which divisions are currently unavailable, we will be sure to update this post in a few days with the latest information. Once the new districts allocate  and designate , we will provide a comprehensive breakdown of which areas separated and which remain in their original divisions. We trust that this update will prove useful to our readers as they navigate the changing landscape of district divisions.

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FAQ’s related to Rajasthan New District List 2023

2023 How many districts are there in Rajasthan?

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has announced 19 new districts in the state on March 17, 2023 to further promote tourism and increase employment opportunities. Now, there are total 50 districts in the state of Rajasthan.

What are the names of the 19 new districts of Rajasthan? Rajasthan New District Name List 2023?

In new districts in 19 districts

  1. Anupgarh
  2. Balotra
  3. Beawar
  4. Dig
  5. Kuchaman City
  6. Dudu
  7. Gangapur City
  8. Jaipur North
  9. Jaipur South
  10. Jodhpur East
  11. Jodhpur South
  12. Kekadi
  13. Kotputli-Behrod
  14. Khairthal
  15. Neemkathana
  16. Phalodi
  17. salumber
  18. Sanchore
  19. Shahpura

When were the new propos districts announced in Rajasthan?

On March 17, 2023, the Rajasthan government has announced the names of 19 new districts in the state.

Now how many districts are there in the state of Rajasthan?

Now there are 50 districts in the state of Rajasthan.

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